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Benjamin Herring Senior Horses
Benjamin Herring Snr – Reserved
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Savini Lydia and the Lyre
Alfonso Savini
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Justus Suttermans Portrait of Ferdinand II de' Medici (1610-1670), Grand Duke of Tuscany, full-length no frame@0,25x
Justus Suttermans
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John William Godward - Flower Seller
John William Godward – SOLD
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What we do

 We source, broker and sell fine art.
Our service is a discreet alternative to the high risk of exposure at auction, thus protecting the exclusivity of your investment.
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About us

We have dealt mainly within the Art trade for approaching 60 years, and spanning two generations.

Our services are now available to art lovers and investors everywhere.

The art market has changed, we can provide expert guidance to help you.
We specialise in sourcing paintings from the 17th through to the 21st Century..